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Adventures in Used Car Buying

The deal with Honda fell through earlier this week so now I'm reduced to crawling car lots looking for something that wont fall apart on me. *sigh* Am looking at a 2005 KIA Sedona minivan that has a ridiculously large number of miles on it (118,000--for a 5 year old vehicle!). Its otherwise in pretty sound shape, but it does need 105K & 120K maintenance done and some of that stuff is pretty pricey! I'm armed with the KBB (Kelley Bluebook) & NADA (National Auto Something Association) valuation for this model with this many miles on it. Have already given this dealership a large retainer (very large) and will see what they have to say when I go in later this morning. IF they wont play nice (reasonable, I don't expect to get the vehicle for the absolute lowball its worth, but am willing to meet them in the middle which is about $6k--this would still leave me needing to finance a portion of the title & should make them happy as they'll get More money that way, but I'll get more reasonable payment options & a start back at rebuilding my credit), I'll buy the KIA. IF not, I'll be doing more car lot crawling cuz I drove everything on this particular lot yesterday and nothing else was remotely acceptable (and this is pushing the acceptable label at that).

Also trying to plan a trip to visit my grandmother so we can help her celebrate her 90th Birthday! Can't do this w/out a vehicle, so I hope something comes through here shortly.

Seriously Craptastic Day

Had one, do NOT want another. Mostly we're swirling around the status quo and not having a lovely time. :(

Maybe will post more tomorrow. Tonight, I'm taking cough medicine and going to bed. Was going to do some other stuff, but hacking cough has descended and is making staying vertical difficult. *sigh* Bronchitis is not my friend. Stress is also not my friend. However, I believe they are well acquainted and may well be best friends. This, somehow, makes perfect sense. Too bad it also makes me ill.

K, off to bed.

Dentists & Doctors

Saw the dentist yesterday. She did the first part of a root canal last week and this was the finish and fill part. Took nearly four hours because my blood pressure suddenly decided to act up and not go down (even with nitrous). Managed to get it all taken care of, but was less pleasant than it could have been. Turns out there's a credit on my account, so I didn't have to pay anything for the visit (this happened once before, but was odd). I need a crow to protect the new root canal or the tooth will split again and have to come out. The billing person is supposed to find out if I have enough benefit left to cover the crown. I hope so. She's supposed to call me when she finds out.

I've set up appointments with the internal meds doc and the OB/GYN. Get to see the internal meds doc the week of Thanksgiving and Dr. S. (OB/GYN) the following Monday. I need to do something proactive about the blood pressure, if nothing else.

Fluffy Bunny Stories, Please

Here it is. PLEASE post something funny or cute, k? Thanks!

Hearts Are Broken

Mostly mine. Not for the obvious reasons, but because my little boy's heart is so visibly shattered tonight. ;(



I have been noodling around w/the DW site. Its an interesting place, but still feels a little scant in the actual journals/communities to peruse or join in on. There are plenty of cool people, just seems like most of them are under 30. *shrugs*

I have an account over there, have posted a couple of brief entries and am waiting for someone to stumble over me in that venue. :) If you have a DW account, please drop by and say "hi". If you'd like an invitation, please let me know...I have one to give away. :)

This doesn't mean I'm not reading or posting here, I am, just that its a new community space to explore and possibly fit into.

Rain, Migraines & Busy Weeks

Woke up with weather-induced migraine and ear ache this morning. Not fun. Was supposed to go to the dentist at 10, but not going to go hang out nearly upside down with this much sinus pressure & light sensitivity. Nope. Called and canceled appointment. Will call in the morning and reschedule. Two more periodontal cleanings and then the real "fun" begins.

Did I mention its been raining--off and on--for nearly two weeks? Yea, like that. Rain is good, but too much of a good thing is a Not Good Thing. Ground is super saturated and its starting to affect moods & other migraine-inducing triggers. More rain in forecast. *sigh*

L has an orchestra concert this evening. She told me about this on Sunday. *shakes head* At least it wasn't yesterday or this morning. She's being very agitated and scattered right now. I'm hoping its just the new school, new school year and general school related anxiety. If that's it, we'll be over the evil "hump" in about six weeks. I suspect its a bad case of Tourrette's induced social anxiety, but she's also a little worried about some of her own thought-processes and behaviors. To the point that she said something to me about it yesterday when I picked her up from school. Poor kid. She's ticking badly and trying not to say "bad things". Have to call her ped and see what she thinks. Maybe time for the kiddo to see a councilor or maybe we need to head back to the pediatric neurologists' office.

Z is still in marching band. Still a bit conflicted about it. They won a Division One title award at city competition last weekend. The only marching band in their division (there are four) to win the Division One Title and all five of the competitive awards. He was stoked. He even got to march during this performance. They have another, bigger, competition on Saturday afternoon. They're working hard and I suspect they'll do equally well at this one. He probably wont be in band next year, too much hassle for him, but I think he's actually enjoying most of it now.

I'm noodling around with my DreamWidth account. Posted a couple of things, so if you're on DW, drop by and say Hi :)

Right now, I'm going to put a call in to the ped and take migraine meds. I foresee a lot of downtime today. Wish it were for something more pleasant than head and ear stuff.


Many Ups & a Few Downs

Last week was the first week of the new school year. Mostly it went fine. We did have some hurdles (a bus that was too early two days in a row that stressed out L and made me have to take her to school--when all she really wanted was to go to school on the high school bus like the other kids in our neighborhood). Had an update/emergency special ed meeting at L's school on Thursday to reinstate her home-training stuff from end of last year. This is mostly organizational and social cues she needs some extracurricular help with and everyone at the meeting agreed that this was fine and reasonable and we all would have been out of there in ten minutes except that the district has gotten itself a new computer system w/all sorts of new forms that have to be filled out--even for simple stuff like this meeting. Took about two hours to do something that should have taken about ten minutes to finish. Poor kid, she missed one whole class and half the next (and ended up in the wrong class when she got there because the physics class was moved while she was in the meeting. Didn't do much for her attitude or the rest of her day).

Z's first week at high school went relatively more smoothly. He doesn't like all the construction and renovations they're doing to the building. Can't say as I blame him, its dusty, dirty and extremely noisy around there. He also had three band commitments last week (k, I had one of them, he had the other two). He performed at the Friday night football game for the Eastside Cluster (all the Eastside high schools and senior highs bands did a short halftime performance). He was very annoyed at the pitcrew (big instruments incl. drums and other hard to march with instruments), as they screwed up the walk onto the field tempo and threw their entire performance off. He's afraid they'll be running laps on Monday (not just the perps, but the entire band). Will have to see how that pans out. He was supposed to be involved in a march-a-thon, but I had a migraine Friday evening and took meds accordingly. There was no way I could get up and drive twenty miles to the next town over's stadium at 6:30 Saturday morning! I hope the kid doesn't get into too much trouble for that--wasn't his fault and I felt bad about him having to miss it, but if I can't see to drive, that seems abit more important than the other thing. *shrugs*

L loves most of her classes and is really enjoying the more relaxed campus atmosphere at the senior high. This is a very large campus (its about the same size as the newly converted college campus that's about six blocks from our house) w/four large buildings, a duck pond, and it shares about 30 acres w/a dairy farm, so there are cows that just wander up to the buildings at all hours of the day and night. :) It is, however, a much noisier campus and she's not too thrilled with that part. Working with teachers and earplugs seems to be helping.

We had our last gaming session with our friends the Raglands last weekend. We've been playing Earthdawn with them for about a year, which was great fun. Unfortunately, they were transferred with short notice to Richmond, VA and they're leaving bright and early in the morning to go start their new lives out on the east coast. I'm gonna miss them. They're the first real, in RL, friends I've had living close to me in a very very long time. Not sure how to feel about this, actually. A bit sad because I'm losing my running around town and getting into mischief (yea, right) partner (midnight movies and being goofy at Starbucks on Tuesday nights w/a bunch of other goofy knitters/handicrafts folks). But I'm also really happy for them--a lot of families in their spot aren't getting transferred, but are looking at a long unemployment stint w/the economy the way it is (He's in banking and they're closing the office he works in--that's how they landed here last year). We've made some tentative plans to drive out there later in the fall or next spring and hang out at their new place and then drive up to D.C. to visit museums and such. I hope we can manage something like that. Would be nifty and great to see them again.

I've spent the weekend dubbing/converting old cassette tapes to mp3 format. Kind of tired of doing that for now. Mostly I was dubbing some really old filk tapes for them and I still have a pile of them to get sorted and mail to them sometime after they get settled.

Another active week ahead. Probably should try to get some sleep.

Another Year, Another Academic Year Starts

Today: We conquer the World, erm, The HOUSE! ;-)

Tomorrow: The teens head back for a busier than ever beginning of an academic year. Usually the first day is fine, but this year, we're running blind--no Open Houses, no introductions to new facilities and no walk-throughs of class schedules. They have both been instructed to present themselves at the front offices if they have any problems and it being the first week, there will be much tolerance for tardiness and such. Next week could be more interesting.

Z is going into the high school this year. He's excited and nervous. I think he'll be fine once he gets used to the new building (even the 10th graders will have much to adjust to this year--they're in the middle of a major renovation that took the front of the building off during the summer and mad other structural changes, too). He's in marching band and while he complained about band camp, I think he really likes being part of the gang. We'll see how that works out.

L is heading off to senior high school this year. New campus (with four large buildings on 32 acres--why is a high school so huge? They share the campus w/a dairy farm! Cows on campus. Only in TX) and new course system. I'm not sure how this is going to work--the special ed staff there is even less hands on than the high school system and she's not had a walk-thru of her schedule. Hopefully all her classes will be easy to find. This is the first year in six when she doesn't have a dedicated art class. That's going to be weird for her. She does have a multimedia class that she's somewhat excited about. I'm hoping she likes that. Z also has this course at the high school level (exactly the same class, different campus). Have to get hold of advisory folks to set up new meeting to get more suppor services for her. Tried all summer to get hold of someone over there to set this up, but nobody returned phone calls or emails (they all took the entire summer off, apparently). *shrugs*

Tomorrow I'll stick pretty close to home--not anticipating any trouble, but you never know.
Mostly for the kids rooms. L's organization coach is supposed to come over tomorrow (Monday) and help her, but J doesn't want anyone "strange" in the house. So, we're doing it this weekend.

Mostly the kids are cooperating. Z is whining abit, but he is doing something in there. L has gotten most of the papers off her floor and organized in such a way as to they can be dealt with more easily.

I have a den filled with books (in stacks, arranged by kid & type), Legos/K'nex/Bionicles pieces/parts, misc. papers and toys.

I have to go crack the whip over 'em as they're taking a break. They have exams this week and Friday is the last day of school for this year. L will be taking a couple of classes to help smooth out a seriously overcrowded schedule and Z will be doing band camp the first four days of summer break and the last 3 weeks before school starts back in August.

Busy, busy, busy.


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